Have a sexy weekend, everyone… try this move out tonight!  Read it here or on my newly improved website!

What it is: A fusion of gymnastics into your repertoire that gives a creative twist to a usual favorite move.

How to do it:
Find yourself a surface flat and firm enough on which to do a handstand.  You can do a headstand if you feel more comfortable (try a pillow), and if it height-wise your pelvises will be more aligned.  Get him to stand up in front of you (either with you facing his legs or facing away from him).  Bring your legs up in the air in and let him grab them, keeping them spread.  As he thrusts downward into you, try looping your legs around his waist (if height permits).

Why it’s hot:
Since you can try it two ways (facing him or away), you can alternate between the angles of penetration and increase the intensity of him hitting your G-spot.

How to kink it up:
For a better view and to increase the intimacy, face away from him and prop up a mirror.  Try out the black high-heeled boots for this one… start off with a sexy lap dance, or put on a little cheerleader or schoolgirl outfit for him.  Sure, it’s stereotypical, but never underestimate the power of role playing…

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