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Position of the Week: Crouching Tigress

December 6, 2009

Hi all… have a sexy evening, & be sure to stop by Wednesday for my latest erotic short story!  Read this on my website or below.  PLUS!  If you haven’t yet, read this Friday’s Top 10 “That’s What She Said!” Moments at Work!

Position of the Week: Crouching Tigress

What it is: a sultry come-from-behind move that gives you both a workout and seriously amazing penetration.

How to do it:
Get her to stand in front you with her knees bent, like in a squat position, but with her upper body angled forward slightly, leaning on or against a surface (e.g. a stool, counter, or wall).  As you thrust into her, get her to bend and extend her knees at the same rhythm, so that you are both moving up and down in synchrony with each other.  Try to keep your pace slow, teasing and tantric.  If your lady is vertically challenged (i.e., short), get her to wear heels to even out the height difference!

Why it’s hot:
Continuously varying the angle and degree of penetration while you move slowly with each other is intimate and erotic at the same time, which she’ll love.  Plus, your deliberately drawn-out pace will ensure her pleasure, and can keep you from blowing your load a bit too early…

How to kink it up:
Reach in front of her to stroke her clit (and fondle her breasts) while you pump your hips upwards (and downwards) into her.  If she’s down, get her to bring her vibrator out from its secret hiding-place and use it to stimulate her clit while you pump into her from behind (you’ll feel it, too!). She won’t be able to resist the combination of sensations… and her moans will drown out the sounds of her little toy.  You can entice her to show you how she plays with herself when you’re not around!  Sounds like a win-win situation…

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