Welcome back, sexy people.

Want to know what naughty things I’ve been up to? Read on.

I guess you could say it’s been a wild ride these past few months, but that would be a vast understatement.

I’ve been not-so-secretly working on an improved version of my website, so that not only will you have still access to my erotic short stories (and more of them!), top 10 lists and other content you’ve been enjoying. Plus soon you’ll also be able to browse popular collections of sex toys, adult novelties and sexy lingerie.

Creating this erotic world for all of you to share has been gratifying on so many levels.

I invite you to discover all this for yourself on May 1st, 2013!

Click here and I’ll send you a message to remind you.

While you’re waiting for my dirty updates, today I’ll be sharing a sexy quote from one of my favorite cartoon characters: the one and only Jessica Rabbit!

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Join me again soon,