Condoms: The Next Generation

May 14, 2013

After almost a century, the classic latex condom is finally undergoing a serious makeover.

Origami Silicone Folded Condoms - Lexi Sylver

Origami Condoms has created two  new condom designs that are set to revolutionize safe sex. This is great news for us sexually active ladies and gents from all age groups and lifestyles. Condoms protect against pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STIs and STDs).

The secret behind this new condom shape is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding (origami), creating an accordion-like shape that is supposed to feel more like the “real deal” to encourage others to use them. These condoms are folded up rather than rolled up like classic condoms, which reportedly acts as a loose-fitting sheath when you use it, and move with you when you move, so both partners can experience more sensation during sex.

That’s not the only difference: these condoms aren’t made out of latex and are more resistant to breaking or tearing and can withstand even more vigorous movement. The supple silicone design allows the condom to be folded, and can also be put on faster than a regular condom (according to test groups, it can be put on in less than 3 seconds).Origami Silicone Folded Condom - Lexi Sylver

Last month, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who aim to reduce the incidence of HIV infection and extend the lives of those living with HIV, wrote a blog that touted Origami Condoms as “an excellent example of a private enterprise focused on new condom design to promote consistent use by emphasizing the sexual experience”. The foundation is offering innovators $100, 000 to redesign the condom as part of promoting global health.

New Condoms Designed JUST for Anal Sex?

The R.A.I. (Receptive Anal Intercourse) condom is exclusively designed for backdoor pleasure, the first of its kind. This condom uses columns that expand and contract inside the body during sex,  making sex more comfortable for both partners. On the Origami website, the company cites two benefits to using the R.A.I. condom instead of a traditional condom for anal sex: easy insertion to position and anchor the condom internally, and the tubular structure which is lubricated internally to give the penis a natural internal liner. According to Origami, this condom is “intended to provide a receptive partner with the initiative to use a condom without negotiation.” It’s clear that this could greatly benefit any partners interested in anal play, and seriously help to reduce the instances of STIs and STDs resulting from unsafe anal sex.

Female Condoms: Women’s Rubik’s Cube

Historically, female condoms are notoriously difficult to insert and use, and since its launch about twenty years ago, their use seems to have declined.  Female condoms can be used by a woman for vaginal or anal intercourse. Like regular condoms, the female condom can help prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STDs and STIs. Origami is also working on a redesign of the female condom to help promote its use.

The Bottom Line

These condoms are currently in a clinical testing period, and may not be available until early 2015 (at the earliest) for purchase. Before being released on the market, these new designs have to go through rigorous testing (sounds like fun to me!) before the company can apply for approval with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Whenever they are available though, they will definitely be pricier than traditional condoms, and be packaged differently. But the company believes that people will pay to try them for themselves.

“It’s a shift from protection to pleasure. Our focus is on making condom experience more pleasurable than anyone imagined possible,”  said Danny Resnik, the company’s founder and creator. “We almost didn’t want to call it a condom.”

What do you think about these innovative condoms? Would you try them?

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