Try out this spicy sex position to kink up your night (or day)!

The V-Sit Pump

What it is: A faster, harder version of old-faithful missionary that allows deeper penetration.

How to do it: She props herself up at the edge of a chair, table, couch or bed, her legs spread upwards in a V-shape.  Make sure the surface she is sitting on is low enough so that your hips are slightly higher than hers.  If the surface is too high, change location.  (If too low, use a pillow or two under her butt.)  She leans back on her arms while you either bend your knees (or get down on them) to pump into her at a downwards angle from above, with her legs over your shoulders.  By grabbing onto her hips, you can really drive it home!

Why it’s hot: This is not a good position if you’re looking for a slow, seductive night.  But if you really want to give her a good pounding (we all need that at least every now and then), the V-sit pump gives you depth and freedom to move in and out of her quickly.  By tossing her legs over your shoulders, you can get deep down into the nitty-gritty and remind her of the reason she was born a woman.

How to kink it up:
For her: Since he’s looking down at you, he’s caught between the visual experience of watching his manhood disappear over and over again, while watching your breasts bounce around as he takes you to town.  Pinch your nipples, lick your lips, suck on his fingers and generally give him a sultry look worthy of porn-star status.  Grab hard onto his ass or put a pillow under your pelvis to get him to go deeper.

For him: Alternate between the standard in-and-out pounding and rotating your hips while you’re as deeply inside her as you can.  The rocking motion will rub against her G-spot and the novelty of the sensation will make her want to scream.  Tease her clit with your fingers if you’re able to still leverage yourself with your other arm.

This move absolutely belongs in the Make-Up sex category…  you get to watch each other take out all your frustration… so at least for the duration, she’ll forget why she ever got pissed off in the first place.

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Happy Pumping,

This position was originally published on June 21, 2009 by Lexi Sylver.

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