Welcome back sexy readers!

Today I have a juicy Quickie to get some of your juices flowing and avert the mid-week blues. I used to do these Quickies on my blog a long time ago, but for those of you who don’t know, Quickies typically are anonymous characters (all the better to imagine yourself as one!) and the time and place are often ambiguous. Enjoy…

He came up behind her and pushed her up against the wall, entangling his hand in her hair and pulling roughly. His lips sucked at the tender flesh of her exposed neck.

She groaned, heard him unzip his jeans with his free hand, wondered how his cock had managed to stay constrained in his denim prison for so long. He lifted the hem of her tight dress, gratified to see the round ivory cheeks of her bare ass, seeing that that all she wore was a glistening wetness on her pussy. Unburdened by panties, he slid his fingers over her wet lips, pinching her clit, making her gasp.

She craved the velvety heat of his cock, needed him, wanted him to destroy her with each inch of it. She felt the throbbing head brush against her lips, slipping against her, felt him penetrate her with tormenting slowness. She wanted to beg him but wouldn’t, knew he was in control of their pleasure, and wanted it that way. His large hand suddenly grabbed both her wrists and pinned them up against the wall, his hot lips grazing her ear as he pushed into her tight pussy in one long thrust.

She cried out when she felt the pleasurable pain of his pulsating erection spreading her apart, wanted to shed tears of relief, knowing he’d release her from the torment raging between her thighs. As he pounded into her, smacking into her ass with a wet sound she loved, she arched her back to give him more access to her ass. She tightened even more around him, giving herself over to the first wave of her spasms, her juices dripping down his balls and over her thighs. She felt herself almost go limp.

He pulled out of her and knelt on the floor behind her, grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, then pressed his mouth into her creaming snatch, tasting the rewarding sweetness as she let out a long groan. He breathed in her scent, felt himself stiffen even more. He rubbed his cock with one hand, still slick and sticky with her moisture.

He lost his tongue in her, lost track of time. All he knew was that he was finally tasting her barest flesh, had finally penetrated her, and now needed more from her. He hadn’t yet consumed her completely…

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