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Here’s a Quickie I’m sure will get your juices flowing…

[For those of you who don’t know, Quickies typically are anonymous characters and the time/place are often vague. I’m sure your filthy imagination will fill in the details. ]

He lured me here over the phone. His deep voice stirred me when he told me we didn’t have to fuck  – I should just slip my fingers, wet with my pussy juices, through the open doorway so he could at least taste me again. The idea of his luscious lips and hot mouth ignited more than my imagination. And so here I am… wanting him to drink from the source.

Now he gestures for me to enter his hotel room. If I step over the threshold and back into his universe, my resolve will officially shatter. I hesitantly slide one foot forward, and enter. He pushes my back against the closed door, his lips an inch from mine as he reaches past me to lock the door, enclosing us in a universe where only he and I exist.

We don’t speak; all these months of talk have left us needing more. His lips envelop mine and his tongue invades my mouth, resuscitating me.

His hands explore my curves below the trench coat, discovering the lacy black lingerie I wore for him. He groans appreciatively, pinching my nipples through the sheer lace cups of my bra, snapping one of my garter straps. His fingers splay around the silky insides of my thighs, his thumbs grazing the lace at the front of my thong, feeling that I’ve already soaked through the fabric.

Then his mouth is on my neck, consuming each of my nipples in turn, looking ravenous as he kneels down in front of me on the carpet. His hot lips blaze a trail up my inner thighs, his hands cupping my bare ass. When he pushes aside my thong and presses his mouth to my soft pink lips, I spread my legs wider, inviting him to taste. He indulges me, pushing his tongue inside. The warmth spreads throughout my core but only makes me crave the feel of his cock penetrating me.

Summoning all my power, I push him away, stepping past where he is kneeling on the floor with his lips glistening with my wetness. I make him watch me walk away, slipping off my trench coat en route. I sit back on the bed, spread my legs for him, running my hands down the front of my body, between my thighs, waiting.

He stands, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, licking his lips, unzipping his pants, letting them fall to the floor. No underwear occludes the sight of his impressively hard member. My pussy twitches, remembering just how good he feels. He knows I want to taste him and feel him in my mouth, my throat, but I know he needs my tightness now, and I’m feeling very accommodating.

He makes eye contact again, then slides the head of his swollen cock against my pussy lips, making me moan, until I can feel him push his way inside of me. I feel my juices drip as he slips in deeper, until I think I’m going to explode with the fullness of him. But my pussy remembers and grips him tighter.

With each stroke, I watch him lose himself inside me; not just his cock, but himself, his old self, his real self, the self that knows me completely, the self that wants to escape his tethers. The heat rises within me as I grip him, my nails digging into his taut ass as he plows into me more fervently. Our panting breaths commingle as I lift my hips to move with him, our pace increasing.

The pressure and friction of his dick against my G-spot and clit overwhelm all of my senses, and my climax shakes us both. My pussy clenches and unclenches as I squirt all over him, making him growl. Right as he’s about to come he pulls out of me, releasing a stream of hot milky juice all over my bra, my belly, my panties, my inner thighs, until I’m glistening with both of our fluids. Proof of our inability for self-restraint. Knowledge that no matter how much we try to keep away from each other, we’ll find our way back into obscurity again…

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Quickie originally published on August 7, 2013 by Lexi Sylver

Featured image credits:
Photographer: Fabrice de Bray’s Indiscreet Arts
Model: Lexi Sylver. All Rights Reserved.