Welcome back, sexy readers,

Let’s get nostalgic for a minute.

Most of us remember when we saw a movie scene that was so scorching hot that it has been ingrained in our memories forever. I’m not talking about a scene from a porno you enjoy. (At least, I’m not talking about that right now.)

When asked which movie scene is the sexiest, I know that many impressionable youth and men and women, myself included, would probably first think of the threesome scene between Denise Richards, Neve Campbell & Matt Dillon in Wild Things. Maybe it’s because (for my generation at least) it was considered a cult classic, and you can clearly see at least three reasons why that’s the case.

Wild Things Sexy Threesome Denise Richards Matt Dillon Neve Campbell | Lexi Sylver

I know what you’re thinking: Wild Things wasn’t pornography? Although it could potentially be classified as soft-core porn for some, it was rated R by the MPAA in 1998. I’m sure there are countless people out there who thank them for their leniency.

Click here to watch the hot threesome scene from Wild Things (1998) (via break.com)

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Movie source: Wild Things (1998), Mandalay Entertainment

Screenshot taken from film clip via break.com