Welcome back, sexy readers.

Just in time for the 2015 Oscars, here is my latest Sex Position of the Week: The Sneaky Sidereel.

What it is: A creative and discreet way to ride your man that’s handy for small spaces and will still make your spine tingle!

How to do it:
Sit on your man’s lap sideways with your legs hanging off his side.  Support yourself by leaning back onto the arm of the chair behind you (or whatever is behind you to hold onto).  Slowly lift the leg closest to his torso OVER his shoulder, bent at the knee or straight up in the air.  If possible, try to support yourself on foot that’s not in the air.  Let him do the thrusting while keeping your balance, so that only SOME of your weight is on his lap (otherwise, he won’t be able to move fast or hard enough for you)!

Why it’s hot:
A sexy alternative to standard girl-on-top, you maintain your deep access while changing up the angle of penetration.  With your leg over his shoulder or up in the air, you’re indulging his pornographic side while leaving him access to fondle your clit.  If you lean backwards by bracing yourself, you can arch your body back so you’re half lying over him.  He’ll appreciate the visual and his free hands will be more than happy to explore your exposed body.

How to kink it up:
Be adventurous!  Surprise your man with this move in a novel location, like the car (when he’s still in the driver’s seat) or in the back of a movie theater.  One of the advantages of this position is that you can do it even when there’s only limited space to maneuver yourself.  Slip on a skirt or dress for easier access and get to it, girl!

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Photo via Tantra Chair video on Youtube

Originally published October 18, 2009