Hey sexy readers,

My long-awaited story, All The Queen’s Men, is now PUBLISHED on Amazon Kindle!

Watch the teaser video for ATQM below (or click to view on YouTube)!

Read Lexi Sylver’s erotic short story, All The Queen’s Men, and discover just how insatiable Her Majesty can be… and what it takes to become one of her knights.

Story description:
A secret royal tradition reigns far away, where The Queen rules the land, and a man’s path to knighthood comes with many challenges.

Those who seek to join the royal guard must display loyalty, strength and obedience.

To prove they are worthy of the pleasures that await, they will endure The Queen’s ravenous lust and merciless discipline.

One man could threaten The Queen’s self-control.

Will she succumb to her passion or revel in the thrill of her ultimate power?

Read the erotic short story, All The Queen’s Men by Lexi Sylver, on Amazon Kindle!

All The Queen's Men by Lexi Sylver | Available on Amazon Kindle | Erotic Short Story

***18+ for mature content. This story includes BDSM and sapphic scenes.***

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