Hey sexy pervs,

Thanks to all of you who tuned in last night on CJAD 800 AM to listen to Dr. Laurie Betito interview me on her show, Passion!

I shared a (radio-friendly) excerpt from the beginning of All The Queen’s Men¬†(produced and mastered by the amazing talent at Flip The Industry), and talked about my inspiration for the story, how I first became¬†interested in writing erotic literature, my tips for people who want to write their own erotica,¬†and who exactly do I think I am? ¬†(I mentioned I’ll be hosting a writing workshop in Montreal this summer – click here for details and to find out how you can write your own erotic literature!)

I had a lot of fun with her, as you can probably tell…¬†Click here to¬†listen!

Lexi Sylver on Dr. Laurie Betito's Passion | CJAD Radio 800AM | June 2015 | Lexi Sylver Interview and Excerpt | All The Queen's Men

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