Welcome back, sexy people.

The naughty folks at MaximumErotica.com reviewed my website, LexiSylver.com, and posted up an excerpt to my erotic short story, Any Vixen Sunday.  Check the review out here!

Overall the Lexi Sylver website is one of the best sites displaying erotic short stories on the internet. The content is selling more than just sex appeal, it is selling style. The high end look of the internet site captures your eye right away.

Travelling through Lexi Sylver’s “Playground” you will find a lustful appetite that is achieved through the creative flow of writing. From the erotic stories, quotes, and poems, the word game never looked this pretty. So if you are hungry for a sexual meal then enter this domain, of your own free will. Definitely a website that is highly recommended as well as rated.”

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Thanks for the provocative review!


Lexi Sylver