Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadian perverts!

Dig into this juicy Thanksgiving-inspired sex position, The Turkey Baster.

What it is: a rear-view move that will make her rump roast shake in your face as you stick it in her oven.

How to do it:

Have her get on her knees on the bed/floor, bending forward so that her knees are tucked into her body.  If she can’t tuck them into her body comfortably, then have her spread them farther apart so they are at her sides.  Either way, she should be sloped down at an angle so that her head is pressed into the bed or floor with her derrière up towards you.  Get behind her on your knees and slip it in, grabbing onto her calves and/or shoulders to make sure she won’t move with each of your thrusts.  Your upper body should actually lie partially on top of hers as you stuff her.

Why it’s hot:

I love rear-entry positions, because they enable a lot of G-spot contact.  This position is no exception!  Plus you can reach around between her legs to stimulate both her clit (a much easier task when her legs are more spread out) and her nipples.  If her legs are spread wider apart, this will give you a bit deeper access than if her legs are tucked under her body, but the latter position will give a more snug fit.  Try to get her to alternate between the two by sliding her knees apart and then together every now and then, or guide her to do so by easing her thighs to each side.

How to kink it up:

Try to switch it up by being spontaneous.  Thrust away and when she’s getting really into it, pull out of her and pay lip service to her clit instead.  Get back to your pumping action (while still using your fingers to rub her clit), then slip out and slide your tongue inside of her.  Alternate a few times, and you’ll see first hand how much she loves it!  The change in sensations will drive her crazy, as will your attention to her pleasure.  When all your fun is done, let her taste some of your hot gravy!