Lexi Sylver here, reporting live from the downtown Hilton in Atlanta, Georgia!

This weekend, the Sex Down South Conference 2018 will be my sexy playground.

I’ll be attending my first SDSCon and meeting lots of incredibly interesting new people – some of whom will become guests on the new podcast I’m hosting this Fall, Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver, coming VERY soon to VoiceAmerica, SDC and The Sexy Lifestyle Network (more details on that in an upcoming blog, PROMISE!)!!!

I’m thrilled to be here, meeting incredible keynotes and presenters like Dr. Jess O’Reilly (Sex with Dr. Jess), Ericka Hart, Ignacio G Rivera, and Devan Dunson.

Sex Down South 2018 | Atlanta, Georgia | Lexi Sylver

This is the 4th annual conference, which first began in 2015 as a passion project co-founded by Marla Renee Stewart and Tia Marie Mosley. 

From September 6-8, we’ll be here at The Hilton Atlanta, taking in sexuality workshops from international educators and presenters.

With a theme like REBEL: Sexual Politics in a New Era, this truly feels like the inclusive and loving atmosphere anyone can benefit from, especially during this

This year, #SDSCon2018 seeks to “mobilize our sexuality and embody, foster, and illuminate our sexual liberation!” 

Over the next few days, I’ll be learning from inspiring speakers and experts across an incredibly diverse range of topics about sexuality, including:

Sacred/Spiritual/Tantric Sexuality
Religion & Sexuality
BDSM/Kink/Costume Play
Sex in the South/Geographical implications on Sexuality
Race & Sexuality
Aging & Sexuality
Disability & Sexuality
Youth Sex Education
Communication & Healthy Relationships
Single Life
Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming & Genderqueer Sexualities
Lesbian/Gay/Same Gender Loving/Bisexual/Queer Sexualities
Sexuality in Academia
Sexual Liberation/Sexual Justice
Reproductive Justice
Sex Worker Rights
Trauma and Sexuality

I’ll keep you all in the loop as I progress through my empowered learning experience about sexuality and connect with open-minded individuals from around the world, each bringing their unique backgrounds, personalities and perspectives to this joint educational process.

So be sure to follow my journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as I delve even deeper into these crucial topics about sexuality, gender, relationships and education, many of which I’ll be exploring in even more detail on my podcast, Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver. 

See you all down here in Hot-Lanta, getting Lexual with the Sisters of Sexuality, SDC and the whole crew from Sex Down South!

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