Welcome back to my playground, fellow pervs.

I know you Lexual people are always looking for new ways to experience pleasure with your partners.

If you’ve already tried this one, then you know exactly how incredible it feels. It’s one of my personal favorites!

And if you haven’t sampled this sex position yet, there’s no time like the present…

Note: I’ve modified the language here to make it more accessible to folks of all genders. “Top” is the person giving to the “Bottom”, who is the receiver. The top can be someone with a penis or a strap-on.

This position is written from the perspective of the top, who’s doing all the dirty work here!

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The Submissive Siren

AKA The Downward Dog, The Belly Flop, The Flatiron

What it is:

A deeper variation of doggy-style, with your receiver lying down instead of putting pressure on their knees.

Why it’s hot:

Incredible G-spot stimulation for your partners with vaginas, while they’re taking on a more submissive role and letting you, the top, control the pace of the sex. This leaves your hands free to explore their ass and is perfect for opening up the opportunity of double penetration for your partners with vaginas!)

(I also find this is a great position to have more control during strap-on sex.)

Because of the shallower thrusts and the tighter, more snug fit, folks with penises will feel bigger and their performance will last longer.

This is also an amazing position for anal sex!

Hygiene note: If you’re going to switch between vaginal and anal sex within the same session, make sure you switch the condom in between to prevent harmful bacteria from entering their vagina and potentially causing an infection.

How to do it:

Position yourselves as though you’re about to get into doggy style. Your bottom should lie face-down on the bed (or whatever surface you’re using), knees slightly bent with a pillow under your bottom’s belly. Kneel behind them and pull their legs slightly apart. If you don’t have a pillow, you can still do this position, but you’ll be changing the angle of penetration, so you might want to slip a hand under their belly to lift your receiver’s hips.

Always start with slow, shallow thrusts, whether it’s vaginal or anal. Because of the deeper vaginal penetration than traditional doggy-style, and the contact with your partner’s cervix, if you begin with full-force thrusting power, their screams will be ones of pain, not pleasure.

How to kink it up:

Grab their hair: Don’t be too rough and try to rip it out of their head, but holding their hair back will stimulate the nerve endings in their scalp and give them extra pleasure, and make them feel even more submissive.

Wrap a hand around their neck: From your angle and with their face down in the mattress, you’ll probably only be able to put a hand on the back of their neck, using just enough pressure to remind them who’s boss.

Watch each other: If you love eye contact and want the position to be more intimate and you don’t like the fact that you can’t see your partner’s expression during sex, simply prop up a mirror in front of you!

Add toys:

For their clit: This is a bit of a tough sex position for manual clitoral stimulation, but if you add a toy, they can have mind-blowing orgasms.

Play with their ass (for folks with vaginas): If they’re down with it, use some lube and start by gently massaging their anus with one or two fingers, slowly going slightly deeper into their ass. When they’re ready, lube up whichever toy they want to use and slowly slide it into their ass.

Play with their ass (for folks with prostates): Add a butt plug to the mix and give them (and yourself!) anal / P-spot stimulation while thrusting into them. Having a threesome or some group sex? This is a great position to add a third into the mix to give your partner some anal play, too.

What’s your favorite sex position?

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