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IT’S LAUNCH DAY! My NEW Sex Podcast starts TODAY!

October 11, 2018

Today’s the Day!

Erotic Dating 101: A Beginners Guide to a Swinging Relationship

My new podcast,  SDC Presents: Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver is officially debuting on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, powered by Voice America!


I am so thrilled to be able to help educate about sexuality, health and relationships, all thanks to my sponsor, SDC.com.

Each week, I’ll be bringing new experts on my show to explore different themes, and really stimulate thought and discussion about some of the most important topics and issues revolving around sex. My goal is to provoke you to think about sex in a different way, to tackle any taboo questions, to normalize sexuality and to empower you to experience your sexuality shamelessly, without fear, guilt or judgment.


Lexi Sylver Podcast | SDC Presents: Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver | The Sexy Lifestyle Network


In my first episode, Erotic Dating 101: A Beginner’s Guide To A Swinging RelationshipI’m hosting two special guests, Carol and David of The Sexy Lifestyle, as we talk about the ins and outs of opening up your relationship to erotic new possibilities.

We talk about the best ways to navigate the lifestyle when you’re first starting out, how to explore the world of erotic dating, and the most important communication strategies to employ within your couple so you can have the best possible experiences together.

We’re also going to debunk some myths about swinging and swingers, and talk about handling jealousy (which is a question I am often from people first getting started in the lifestyle), the meaning of consent and its crucial importance within the lifestyle (as well as everywhere else in life), and how to recover together if you’ve had a less-than-positive experience within the swinging lifestyle.

If you miss the show, you can stream and/or download episodes you’ve missed on iTunes and Voice America, to listen to anytime, like while you’re on your commute to/from work, working out, or doing groceries and running errands – my podcast will help spice up any moment of your day!


So be sure to listen in every Thursday night at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, on Voice America.com. 

Stay Tuned for more uncensored sex talk with Lexi, Lexual People!!!!

Thanks for your support and for listening!

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