Time for a quickie? Hell yes.

Welcome back to my playground, you wonderful and sexy perverts. It’s been quite some time since I tempted you all with a fresh erotic tale, so I decided that you deserve a little treat.

Perhaps it’s all in the spirit of holiday giving, or just because I’ve been in an EXTRA Lexual mood lately… 

So here you go. Presenting a new literary tease of my ultra-quick erotica, (aka a “Quickie“, as I like to call these types of stories).

Enjoy, you filthy animals…

Submission of a Nymphomaniac

Erotic short story by Lexi Sylver

I hear the leather whips kissing the bare flesh of my thighs before my mind registers the stinging pain that follows.

I welcome it all.

The rush of pleasure courses through my body, making the tips of my fingers tingle.

My breath evades me.

As I kneel before him with my ass arched upwards, wrists bound together in front of me by silky black ropes, my face presses into the immaculate white blanket on his bed. The scent of him – his clean, potently masculine scent – permeates my senses. Overwhelming me yet comforting me at the same time.

He whips me again. And again. And again

All the muscles in my body relax as I completely give up control to him. Fully trusting him. Leaving my mind and body totally vulnerable to him. Whimpering with pleasure as he whips me, slaps me, makes me his.

I feel the slow trickle of my pussy juices dripping down my inner thigh, making me overly conscious of my body and betraying my unrepentant desire for him. Yet with him, I feel safe and protected.

I am bared for him, unable and unwilling to hide anything, fully vulnerable to him. He sees me in all of my imperfection, and in it, makes me feel perfect.

At last, I fall away. Calming the chaos in my mind. My Master won’t allow me to make any decisions. I am permitted only to feel, and to obey my Dom’s every command.

Harder? He asks from behind me, just as he winds up and flogs me again. He makes me beg for it. All part of our game.

Yes, Master, if it pleases you. Harder, Master. Please, Master. More. More. More… I hear myself say the words, but they don’t seem as though they are emanating from my mouth.

I sink into my sub space, almost fully submerged except for the sound of his voice, my last tether to reality. I slip out of my body, out of my consciousness, out of myself, settling into the comfort of my pain and the absence of thought that only seems possible when I’m playing his willing victim.

He flogs me harder as I cry out with pleasure.

The flogger is my favorite, and he knows it. The gentle caress, then the sting of the leather whips on my ass, the way they feel between my legs as he slaps my pussy, letting the whips trail slowly over my clit and enflamed lips, before they rediscover the tender flesh on the underside of my ass again.

Every now and then, he stops, and I feel the heat of his hands cover my stinging ass cheeks, massaging them with his knowing fingers, making physical, skin-on-skin contact with me as he alleviates my pain.

When he removes his hands from me, I feel the noticeable absence of his heat on my flesh, replaced by the kiss of cool air.

Then comes that lingering, tormenting moment before he resumes his punishment. I wonder how long he will make me wait this time…

The anticipation of feeling him make contact with my flesh is almost more potent than the slap itself.

I try to imagine which pleasure tool he will use on me next, and where on my body he will hit me. There’s no bracing myself for the uncertainty, which is simultaneously arousing and liberating.

I’m not blindfolded this time, but I can’t see him. He won’t permit me look at him, so I won’t disobey. I hear him walking around, feel the power of his presence behind me, and shiver involuntarily.

The sound of the paddle coming down hard on my ass fills the room. My muscles tense when the cold, smooth leather makes contact with my goose-bumped skin, followed by the feeling of release as his energy flows through me. An involuntary response to my voluntary submission.

I groan into the coverlet, the pleasure making me weakened, yet never so empowered.

Who do you belong to, my little slut? He asks, claiming me as his own, his words comforting me as much as his incredible touch.

I’m yours, my Dom, I say, my voice barely a whisper. I’m yours, I moan and whimper into the mattress helplessly.

Smack, smack, smack. A resonating reminder of who I belong to. Who I want to submit to.

I abandon myself freely to him. Knowing this is all my choice, under my control. It can stop whenever I want it to. But I don’t want it to stop. Not ever. I choose to give myself to him.

Mine, he says, his voice deep with affection as he brings the paddle down hard on my ass again. Again. And again. 

We both become entranced by the rhythm, entwined in this delicate balance of power, the inexplicable, inextricable connection between us, our need for each other. We’re joined by invisible strings of kinetic energy, from the strength of his hand grasping of his chosen tool, to the firmness of my skin waiting for his blows.

Mine, he groans deeply, possessively. Each stroke of his paddle on my reddening ass is closer to branding me with his mark. He knows how I love seeing traces of his punishment on me, long after we’ve been together, reminding me constantly of my submission to him.

He knows my limits, almost better than I know them myself. I feel him stop again, setting the paddle to the side.

His rough fingers massage my flesh, countering his aggression with tenderness.

That’s my good little sub, he tells me, caressing me again. You were so good for me.

I almost want to cry in bliss, the pleasure of hearing him claim me as satisfying as the stinging of the lashes on my skin.

He helps me up from my knees, meeting my gaze, finally looking at me, looking into me. His arms envelop me with the intensity of our connection.

Thank you, my Dom, I tell him, as he kisses me in reply. I gasp as his fingers discover the scorching space between my thighs that aches and drips for him.

He pulls away and smiles deviously, seriously, and says my favorite words: I’m not done with you yet.

[To be continued…]

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