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Wow – this is my 10th podcast episode! I can’t believe it.  It somehow feels like I just started podcasting!

So, for my 10th sexual topic of choice, tonight’s episode will answer a lot of your questions about bisexuality – specifically, male bisexuality.

Why are bisexual men stigmatized while bisexual women are fetishized in society and popular culture?

We all know that bisexual women are perceived as unicorns – a lot of it due to the fact that one of the most common sexual fantasies that men and women both have, which is to have a threesome with another woman. 

Yes, it’s incredibly hot to see two women touch and play with each other. Call me a perv, but I also find it super sexy to watch two or more men playing together. For me, it’s all about the sexual chemistry between the partners. But I digress…

Today’s guests on Seek, Discover, Create are Angelique Luna, Certified Kink Aware Professional relationship & sex coach, educator, entertainer and advocate for sexual abuse survivors, and John C Luna, entrepreneur, author, professional educator and sex, kink and relationship coach, who also both host the podcast Living A Sex Positive Life.

We’ll be exploring why there’s such a double standard when it comes to male bisexuality, and debunking common myths about bisexuality.

Angelique and John are going to unveil the truth behind why bisexual men are often considered a myth and minimized by other subgroups, especially within the swinger lifestyle and other non-monogamous lifestyles.

We’re going to talk about the different challenges of being bisexual that men may experience, and offer practical advice for bisexual men who want to come out of the closet and tell their partners about their bisexuality.

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