What are men REALLY thinking?

Do you want to know the truth behind sex, relationships and cheating from a male perspective?

Tonight on my show, I invite Jamal Edwards and Rick “PolyRick” Broider, co-hosts of the Everything Sexy podcast, to get some insight into how men think about their sexuality.

As co-hosts of the Everything Sexy podcast on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, Jamal and PolyRick are one of those rare podcasts that discusses sexuality frankly, openly and authentically, from a MALE point of view.

They’re both ready and willing to share their authenticity, unique opinions and personal experiences about polyamory and living a consensually non-monogamous lifestyle.

We’re going to talk about the challenges that men experience within the female-driven swinger lifestyle, and offer some advice for men who want to start exploring and communicating more about their sexuality.

The fact is, most men often don’t feel comfortable enough talking about sex – either with their partners or even with their male friends – and are often unwilling to ask questions about things they may not know. And it’s not always easy to get information about sex without being made to feel judged, shameful, or misunderstood.

The Truth About Male Sexuality | Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast | The Everything Sexy Show

On The Everything Sexy Show, as well as on my podcast, our goal is the same: to give people uncensored access to the innerworkings of our brains, debunking myths, normalizing behaviors that others feel are too taboo to merit open discussion, and helping people discover their own paths to seek out their authentic selves.

That’s one of the reasons tonight’s show is so unique – it’s my first one (so far) with two men (and sexy ones, at that) to explore the common misconceptions behind male thinking about various aspects of sexuality. That’s why I love listening to them – and I know having them as guests on my show is going to be so much fun (and naturally, informative for all of you)!

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