An Open Letter to All Women (and Those Who Love Us)

March 8, 2019
Happy International Women's Day - Lexi Sylver - Female Empowerment

Today is International Women’s Day.

Not just today, but every day, we should celebrate ourselves. Our successes and achievements. Our friendships. Our relationships. Our families. Our careers. Our intelligence. Our talents. Our skills. Our creativity. Our dreams. Our femininity. Our beauty. Our sexuality. Our strength. Our rights.

We all deal with our individual struggles every day, our anxieties, our insecurities, our fears.

We all cope with what sometimes seems like an insurmountable amount of stress, feeling like the weight of the world rests solely on our shoulders.

Let us help each other to remind ourselves that we are not alone. We’re in this together. Fighting for our rightful place in the world. Fighting to make our unique imprint on the universe. Making an impact on the lives of others. Inspiring others with our tenacity, our devotion, and our hearts, without even realizing it.

We are not in competition with each other. When we see other women thriving and happy, we don’t need to compare ourselves and our own personal journeys to them and theirs. We can be genuinely happy for them and be grateful that they are sharing these moments with us. That they – and we — have the freedom to be happy and successful.

And for all the good men out there who support real feminism: the fathers, the brothers, the partners, the teachers, the colleagues, and all the allies who help lift us up and give us every opportunity to thrive as women and individuals: thank you. Thank you for setting an example for other men, for teaching them how to treat and love women, how to respect us and our boundaries and make us feel safe, how to listen to us and give us a voice, how to pave the way for us to achieve our goals and dream even bigger than we ever imagined.

Female empowerment means supporting each other in pursuing our individual and collective dreams and ambitions.

Let us celebrate ourselves and each other, together: whomever you are, wherever you are, all over the world.

Happy International Women’s Day, Sisters.



Lexi Sylver

Lexi Sylver is the Montreal-based erotica author of Mating Season and All the Queen’s Men. She enjoys having a kinky and unconventional lifestyle and sharing her stories and experiences with others. Lexi hosts and produces SDC.com’s sexuality podcast, Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver. As an entrepreneur, advocate, educator, public speaker and coach for consensual non-monogamy and the swinging lifestyle, she journeys the world to attend travel events and conferences. She regularly contributes articles about sexuality and relationships to Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center, ASN Lifestyle Magazine, SDC.com and her personal blog. As the Media Director for SDC.com, the world’s largest adult sex education and swingers dating platform, Lexi collaborates with sexuality, health and relationship experts to provide reliable resources for those who seek it. In her work as an advocate, educator and coach for consensual non-monogamy and the swinging lifestyle, she travels frequently to conferences and speaks publicly at events like The Montreal Taboo Sex Show (Le Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction). Lexi wrote and creatively produced many movies, series and scenes in the adult entertainment industry and was nominated in 2017 for an AVN award for Best Screenplay. She is a published erotic author with her new book, a collection of erotic short stories called Mating Season, now available. Her mission is to promote empowerment and education by guiding you to shamelessly explore your Lexuality!

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