Welcome back to my playground, friends and fiends.

It’s the final week of March, so I’m taking this opportunity to broadcast one last podcast episode that centers around the concept of female empowerment.

And to help me do that successfully, I’ve invited two amazing women who work in different areas of sexuality, to talk openly and honestly about shameless sexuality.

When I was preparing this episode, I thought of a few questions that I really wanted to have answered. Just to give you an idea of what you can expect in this edition of Seek, Discover, Create, here they are:

What do you truly fear when it comes to expressing your sexuality?

What’s stopping you from experiencing the sex life you want and deserve?

What is adult sex education lacking that can be improved to help people live confident, pleasurable lives?

Join me for a double dose of female empowerment with my special guests Véronique Verrault, the founder and innovator of the sex toy and mobile app Miss VV’s Mystery, and Cyndi Darnell, internationally renowned sex and relationship therapist, clinical sexologist, adult sex educator and author.

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We’re going to get into a deep conversation about the importance of confidence in having a healthy self-image, sexual identity and having a wonderful sex life in general.

We’ll be covering the advances women are making in the realms of sexual education, and how those can help improve the framework and understanding of sexuality.

And we’ll also explore the ways in which female leaders have risen within the domain of sexuality to help, support and educate others to live healthier and more sex-positive lives.

It always amazes me that even with the readily available information about sexuality in all its forms, the accessibility of it doesn’t necessarily mean that people are educating themselves about sex. So many people have much to learn (as do I – I’m not saying I know everything, because no one does!), and are either afraid or embarrassed to ask questions about sex, or don’t know who to ask.

If you haven’t listened to any of my podcasts yet, this is one you should definitely queue in your playlist!

I can virtually guarantee that by the end of this episode, you’ll feel better about thinking about sexuality, and begin to explore your sexual side in a way you didn’t feel comfortable doing before.

Listen live this Thursday at 8 PM Eastern on The Sexy Lifestyle Network via Voice America!

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