Welcome back to my podcast playground, Lexual friends and fiends.

Can you BELIEVE that this is my 30TH PODCAST EPISODE?!?!

I feel like I’ve come a long way since my early podcast days! When I listen to the audio and my interviews with all the incredible folks who have joined me on Seek, Discover, Create, I feel so proud of my journey. And I am so thrilled for how many people I’ve been able to help educate about sexuality, health and relationships. It’s not an easy job, but I LOVE doing it!

So thank you ALL for listening to my show, for all your love and support and ideas! You helped me make this happen!

Speaking of educating others, let’s talk about my latest podcast!

As someone who personally suffers from chronic migraines, I understand firsthand the impact that having chronic pain and anxiety can do to your sex life.

I invited Rachael Rose of Hedonish to talk to me and all of you about how to overcome some of these challenges that come with having a noisy brain, experiencing chronic illnesses and disabilities (although I am reserving another episode soon to talk more about other kinds of visible disabilities and to go more in depth about that specifically).

Rachael Rose Lexi Sylver Podcast Sex with a Noisy Brain Disabilities Chronic Illnesses

When we talk about having a noisy brain, we’re referring to the amount of STUFF that goes through your mind every day, all of your stresses and thoughts coming to life to make it hard for you to disconnect and feel sexy and simply enjoy the moment. And the challenges of having a noisy brain is especially compounded when you’re also coping with anxiety ADHD, depression and other chronic illnesses.

In this episode, Rachael Rose gives us her insight and tips into how to make the most of out your relationship(s) and sex life, even when you’re also managing stress and coping with a noisy brain and/or a disability.

We also cover how to feel sexy and confident when you’re not exactly feeling your best, how you can support a loved one with a chronic illness or disability, and how you can still enjoy pleasure and achieve satisfaction in your sexual life with your partner(s) when you’re coping with a physical or psychological illness.

So listen tonight at 8 PM Eastern on The Sexy Lifestyle Network!

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