Welcome back to my playground, my fellow (and prospective) globetrotting friends and fiends!

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, and I’ll be doing even more adventuring within the lifestyle this Summer. I’ll be heading to Italy and France for some European sexcapades. (Don’t worry… I’ll keep you all in the know as I explore new things and new people.)

So it’s super convenient for me to have just interviewed my new Aussie friends Cate and Darrell, the hosts and producers of the podcast Swinging Downunder!

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So if you’re a swinger who loves to travel, and/or you want to know what the swinger lifestyle is like in other countries around the world, get ready to be inspired with wanderlust when you listen to tonight’s episode of Seek, Discover, Create!

Cate and Darrell join me to share some of their sexy globetrotting experiences, and talk about what it’s like to live in Singapore!

Despite the fact that I know that sex is a taboo topic virtually everywhere in the world, I was still surprised to learn some of the ways in which sexuality is portrayed and viewed in different countries and cultures, and the ways in which women are treated differently. Cate and Darrell share some of the experiences they have had trying to educate people they meet about their body, removing feelings of shame that are associated with the expression of sexuality, and also about what the meaning of consent is, especially within a group play situation.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about what it’s like to be a traveling swinger, how people explore their sexuality in different places around the globe, and how you can make the most of your swinger adventures as you explore new travel destinations.

Plus, you’ll learn interesting facts about international travel tips for when you’re feeling kinky and looking to connect with other like-minded people, how to find other swingers as you travel, and much more.

So listen to tonight’s episode at 8 PM EST on The Sexy Lifestyle Network via Voice America!

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