Welcome back to my playground, Lexual people.

Today I want to talk about an altogether different type of playground: SEX CLUBS!

While swingers’ clubs are more well-known for couples and singles who are looking to hook up with each other, sex clubs have a more broad definition. While there are often a large number of non-monogamists and swingers who do attend sex clubs, there are also a variety of other kinksters, voyeurs, exhibitionists, curious folks and liberal-minded folks who are looking for a good time.

One major misconception about sex clubs is that if you’re there, it obviously means that you’re DTF. But that is NOT the case in reality. You can go to a sex club and just have a drink, make new friends, watch other people get it on, or, in the case of Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where there’s a pool on the premises, just swim in the nude.

Joining me on my podcast to help go through some of the myths and facts of what it’s really like inside a sex club are two awesome women who truly know the ins and outs: Fatima and Cece!

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Fatima Mechtab is an event producer, marketing director and a part owner of Oasis Aqualounge. Cecelia Morrel (aka Cece) is the team leader of the Oasis Aquaflirts and also Fatima’s marketing assistant.

So we definitely get our giggles on during this podcast – maybe one of the only ones you’ll listen to that has actual sounds of people having sex in the background, since my guests join me live from Oasis!

Together, the three of us will explore:

  • What can you expect when you attend a sex club?
  • What types of events and theme parties go on at a sex club?
  • What’s it like to work at a sex club like Oasis Aqualounge
  • What types of parties are most popular with their clients?
  • What’s the importance of sexual empowerment and inclusivity when it comes to organizing events within the LGBTQ+ community?
  • How do they fight against double standards to normalize sexual openness, such as when it comes to male bisexuality?
  • How do the staff at the club work to ensure the safety of their clients and enforce rules about consent?
  • How else can the staff facilitate guests’ experiences at the club, whether they’re first-timers at a sex club or are more experienced players?

So tune in tonight at 8 PM on The Sexy Lifestyle Network to get the answers to these burning questions!

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