Do you truly love yourself?

It’s time to stop comparing yourself to other people and the impossible standards of beauty and perfection that we see all over the media!

Easier said than done, right?

I know it’s virtually impossible to move past seeing people posting gorgeous (albeit Photoshopped) photos on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. Seeing everyone looking happy, fit and fabulous can put us in a position where we want to compare ourselves, and our happiness, our success and achievements, our love lives, and our bodies, to those of other people.

But it’s a myth. People tend to only post about the positive things and don’t always share our realities with the world, for various reasons. It’s hard to feel like posting something on social media when we’re feeling down or not feeling our best. So what you end up seeing in your social feeds are not exactly accurate representations of anyone’s lives. And that’s not authentic.

The first step to a healthy life, though, is to accept yourself for who you are, and not compare yourself to others.

We all struggle with self-love, as well as being authentic with ourselves, but that’s the starting off point for having authentic relationships with others.

On my show today, Bruna Nessif, the author of Let That Shit Go, discusses how to learn the strength that lies in being vulnerable and honest with yourself, which can help encourage your self-growth.

Bruna Nessif - The Problem with Dating - Let That Shit Go - Lexi Sylver Podcast
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Together, we explore how it’s impossible to fit the molds and expectations that others have created for us, and how you can delve deeply within yourself and learn how to love yourself so you can grow as a person.

Yup, it’s a bit of a heavy episode but well worth it!

Bruna also talks about the basis of a healthy self-identity and how discovering your self-confidence can help you break the pattern of entering into unhealthy or unfulfilling dating scenarios and relationships.

She also reveals her personal choice to take a break from sex and how abstaining from sexual activities helped her gain insight into herself. Naturally, this choice was critiqued by others, and part of her gaining insight also had to do with brushing off the ways in which people think about sexuality, and judge others for their sexuality (or their decision to not explore it).

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