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Before I start telling you all about this new episode and why you should tune in…

This is the first edition of Seek, Discover Create in a new time slot!

As you probably read in my previous blog, my podcast has moved from The Sexy Lifestyle Network onto the VoiceAmerica Variety channel!

This means my message – and the messages of my special podcast guests – will now be broadcast to an even bigger audience! How exciting!!!

Ok, ok, enough with the exclamation marks and onto the meat and potatoes of this article!

As we are all too aware – at least, those of us who are old enough to know what it was like to NOT be living in a digital age and still have traumatic dreams featuring the sounds of dial-up internet – living in these digital times can be damn HARD.

This is especially true when you’re talking about sexuality and dating – and, most recently, with the added constraints of the USA’s SESTA FOSTA bill.

To help me explore these very delicate topics, I invited Dirty Lola and Francisco Ramirez, the co-hosts of Sex Probz on New York Magazine’s The Cut, onto my show.

Dirty Lola Francisco Ramirez Sex Probz NY Mag The Cut Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast
Listen to Lexi Sylver's erotic podcast SDC Presents Seek Discover Create

The three of us had such an incredible conversation – and a long one! – that I had to edit our audio into two separate episodes!

So this is the first in a two-part series of the realities of Redefining Sex in the Digital Age.

We get personal and explore how Dirty Lola and Francisco got into sex education, and talk about some of the unique challenges that sex educators experience in today’s world, and the added hurdles that we and sex workers and activists face in light of SESTA FOSTA.

In the second part of this miniseries, we’ll be talking about how people can maintain a positive body image in a Photoshop-hungry world, and we’ll examine how we can remove stigma and shame from the way we all feel, talk about and express our sexuality.

So join us for my new podcast episode, airing live tonight (and every Tuesday) at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST on VoiceAmerica’s Variety channel!

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