What exactly IS “the lifestyle”?

When it comes to consensual non-monogamy, there is no one right way to do anything. Everyone paves their own path, whether solo or with their relationship partner(s).

That’s why it’s incredibly helpful to talk to people who are already immersed in the lifestyle help you navigate your way as you’re going through each of your firsts, and through the fun and the difficult moments.

Enter ASN Lifestyle Magazine, stage right.

Today I’m airing an encore presentation from this podcast episode with two of my favorite people, Michael and Sheri Ramos, who are the co-founders of ASN Entertainment and ASN Lifestyle Magazine. The three of us chatted like old pals about what ASN is all about, and reveal why they founded the only publication in the world for people within the lifestyle.

Since there are various ways someone can engage in non-monogamous relationships, and there are so many labels out there that people may interpret differently (e.g. open vs. monogamish vs. swingers vs. polyswing vs. polyamorous), I personally believe that the best way to learn about the lifestyle is to hear it from those who are already living it, and listen to / read their own stories about their personal experiences.

These days, with more people choosing non-monogamy in their own lives and relationships, media sources like ASN and SDC.com are only increasing in popularity. It’s hard to find reliable information about consensual non-monogamy online, as well as real-life stories from people who have gone through all these first steps – which is what ASN and SDC are all about, and why ASN has partnered with SDC.

Lexi Sylver ASN Lifestyle Magazine Shameless Interview Sexy Photos August 2019

(Shameless self-promotion moment: I was recently featured in the August 2019 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine! Check it out and read all about my personal experiences in my own consensually non-monogamous relationship, why I love being the producer and host of my own podcast, SDC Presents: Seek, Discover, Create, and the amazing opportunities I get to travel all around the world. I also reveal a bit about my upcoming erotic book, Mating Season – so check it out!)

So if you’re curious about the ethically non-monogamous lifestyle and you’re seeking resources to help you navigate your personal life and relationships, join me, Michael and Sheri for this awesome episode!

Listen to our conversation about who are the readers that ASN Lifestyle Magazine attracts, the kinds of topics their audience is most interested in knowing more about, and how ASN selects the writers to help guide their audience through the various phases of their journey into non-monogamy.

ASN Lifestyle Magazine | Swinger Lifestyle | Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast
Listen to Lexi Sylver's erotic podcast SDC Presents Seek Discover Create

Mike and Sheri also discuss current events and trends within the swinging and ethically non-monogamous lifestyle, and some of the exciting new directions they’ll be taking ASN in the near future.

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