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In the meantime, tonight’s episode is especially empowering! Don’t let the title fool you – the messages and great advice contained herein are applicable for any gender – not just for the goddesses out there!

I think we can mostly all agree that there have been times when we’ve settled for less than we knew we deserved in our relationships, friendships, careers and personal lives.

For some folks, settling for less is not just something that happens sometimes, it’s almost a way of life. They’re trapped in a cycle that’s fueled by insecurity and a fear of diverging from the status quo that they know, even if it means pursuing a better way of life.

We all know at least one person who’s in a relationship with a partner who doesn’t seem to treat them right, and when you ask how your friend is, they say “fine”. FINE is simply not good enough! FINE means you’re just going about your life in the same pattern with nothing changing, and even if it means you’re not particularly happy with your circumstances (and yourself), that you’re just SETTLING for FINE.

And what Dr. Carlen Costa, The Everyday Goddess, and I talk about at length in this podcast is that SETTLING SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION!

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Carlen Costa recently wrote a book called LOVE: The Women’s Guide to Not Fucking Settling, and it details her personal journey and all the ways in which many of us are settling rather than making a change in our lives for the better. We might be trapped in a comfort zone and are afraid of the alternative – like being in a less-than-happy relationship but fear what happens if you suddenly become single.

A lot of these feelings are based on insecurity, of feeling less than and not deserving of real love, passion and happiness. And that fucking SUCKS! That’s no way to live!

So join us tonight for a very personal, very in-depth discussion about how you can learn to STOP SETTLING and start living the life you truly desire and DESERVE! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Pardon the caps, but it’s sometimes difficult for me to emphasize just how loudly I’m exclaiming these points because you can’t hear me as I write – but you CAN hear the passion in my and Carlen’s voices when you listen to our podcast!

We’re going to discuss self-love, body image, confidence, and how self-esteem issues and insecurity contribute to our feelings of being unworthy of happiness and pleasure.

PLUS! In my NEW segment “Letters to Lexi”, we will shamelessly answer questions from listeners about the challenges they’re having in their lives and relationships and offer advice about what they can do to try to overcome them.

Feel free to send me YOUR questions about sex, health and relationships and I might choose yours to answer in my next episode! You can email me or connect with me on social media to send in your questions.

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