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This past month, I had the highest number of podcast listeners EVER!!!

Thank you so much for tuning in – especially to my loyal listeners who get in their weekly episodes and talk to me about what you enjoyed most from that show!

For today’s podcast episode, I invited Karen and Brion Craig of Explore Tantra on my show and got out of my comfort zone as far as my knowledge of tantra goes! This really isn’t my area of sexpertise (as I like to say), so I needed these experts to help me out!

The three of us talked about so many things that are relevant for really everyone, regardless whether you’re “woo-woo” (as Karen said!) or not, and no matter your relationship status.

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Tantra’s not all about sex – but there is a lot of sex talk in this episode! Karen and Brion Craig cover how to last longer in bed by prolonging your sex sessions and increasing your and your partner’s pleasure, how to use healthy communication skills to enhance your relationship and your sex life, and how you can achieve multiple orgasms. They also explore the importance of knowing yourself and what makes your body feel good, starting with using tantric practices during masturbation.

We also talk about the positive mental, psychological, spiritual and physical benefits of what tantra can do for you as an individual, as well as if you practice tantra with your partner(s).

And of course, for my last segment, Letters to Lexi, I answer YOUR burning questions about sex and relationships, along with help from my special guests, Karen and Brion. We go pretty deeply into some profound questions about premature ejaculation, making sex better and last longer, and more.

If you want me to answer your letter in my next episode, connect with me on social media or email me at lexi@lexisylver.com! No question is too taboo, queer or weird – I want to hear from you! So don’t be shy and send me your question, then listen to my podcast to hear if I answered yours!

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