I join you LIVE from The Everything to Do With Sex Show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with interviews from sex educators, exhibitors and attendees.

I talk to Fatima Mechtab, Marketing Director and Co-Owner of Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, about what it’s like at a sex club, events they offer and the demographics of their guests. Having an exclusive couples booth in partnership with SDC, guests are able to slip away and play, try out the new toys they bought at the show, and relax: all in the comfort of the show! Fatima tells us about Oasis Aqualounge’s First Taste night, meant to give sex club newbies a look at how sex clubs operate, and hopefully foster some of their first experiences!

With Patrick, host of the podcast Intellectual Erection, we explore establishing consent and exploring openness within the sex-positive community, and normalizing and destigmatizing sexuality. When visiting a sex club for the first time, you may have many questions: price? privacy? safety? consent? We cover it all to help you feel as educated as possible. We cover the importance of sex positive communities, and the normalization of sex workers and their safety. Relaxed and ready for the journey, sex clubs and different sex positive communities welcome you with open arms.

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In my interview with Luna Matatas, pleasure educator, we discuss the topics she covers in her seminars at the show, from how to have a threesome to talking about fantasies with your partner, and debunking myths about dominance. How do you get started with kink? What are delicious dominance skills? What does a dominant person have to look like? Well… they don’t have to look like anything specific. From mainstream porn, we may have one rough idea of what dominance looks like, when Luna leads us through creating your own, fun way of dominance. Feminine dominance is another one of her teaching passions, teaching women how to form their own types of dominance out of authenticity and getting what you want. Our erotic energy is our creative energy, so we can use it to manifest in and out of the bedroom.

Meeting with Matt Tabota, owner of Toronto’s The O Zone, we offer tips for people who go to a sex club for the first time. Making a mini version of the club at the Taboo Show, they want to give people the full experience in and outside of The O Zone. In the lifestyle for over 22 years, Matt has been running Tabota events for over 13 years- it used to be much more underground, and we love seeing the lifestyle come out in the open for people to explore through clubs and websites.

Join my guests and I during this exciting live event!

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