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Are you ready to talk about ORAL SEX, uncensored?!

Oral sex isn’t something new or daring, but talking about it as a vulva owner is still considered taboo by a lot of people.

We’re prominently conditioned to associate oral sex with the male experience and male pleasure (largely due to the proliferation of male-oriented pornography), there has been little room to comfortably discuss the in and outs of cunnilingus.

When talked about, cunnilingus often times is associated with taboos surrounding female pleasure, hygiene (tastes, smells, pubic hair), and lack of education when it comes to using barrier methods during oral play.

Melanie Cristol, founder of Lorals, has pioneered the cunnilingus journey for all bodies, making barrier protection accessible for most forms of oral sex, including anilingus and anal rimming.

I first met Melanie at the 2019 New York Sex Expo as part of a panel on women in sex tech. She blew me away with her answers and her product – and I wanted to share her insights with you on my podcast!

In this episode, I interviewed Melanie Cristol, the founder of Lorals, a sexual tech and wellness company that manufactures latex panties that can be used as a barrier during oral sex, to enhance sensations and minimize worries.

So get ready to embrace your Lexuality in this episode full of education, normalization, and positivity – we truly can’t get enough of this boss babe. Read the episode description below!

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We explore Melanie’s journey in the sex tech industry, the taboos behind cunnilingus, and how to feel confident giving and receiving oral pleasure, including a variety of tips for how to pleasure your partner and how no two bodies are the same.

Melanie and I discuss why vulva owners might feel uncomfortable receiving cunnilingus, and what to do to minimize worries and maximize their comfort and pleasure.

We offer advice for period sex, STI and STD protection during oral sex, anilingus, anal rimming, as well as how to communicate with your partner about what you do and don’t enjoy. Communication is key to make sure you and your partner are on the right track and get the most out of each of your Lexual experiences.

We also examine how and why women are feeling more empowered to take charge of their sexuality and pleasure.

Melanie also details the challenges she overcame during her foray into sex tech and in developing, manufacturing and marketing her invention.

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