Fearless women: A force to be reckoned with.

Women face many challenges when it comes to expressing and exploring their sexuality. Jessi Camille of The Pussy Party Podcast and I get personal to uncover some of the reasons why women are reluctant to fully embrace their sexual selves. We unpack the double standards that exist when it comes to society’s perceptions and stigmas about female versus male sexuality.

All too often society has feared the empowered woman, especially if that empowerment includes sex. We have been labeled as witches, mystiques, sluts, bitches- all for simply claiming some basic human rights: confidence and sexuality. What is it about the sexually confident woman that we fear so much? That she knows what she wants? That she holds the power to her destiny? That sexual confidence can translate into all areas of someone’s life?

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We also discuss their experiences of being slut shamed by others and how that impacted our current journeys to guide other women to be shameless in their pursuit of pleasure and happiness. We talk about what female empowerment means to us, and what women can do to help others discover and unapologetically own their sexual identities. Offering advice for women who are struggling with body image and sexual confidence, we encourage women to celebrate their sexuality rather than feeling shame.

In this era we are taking back our power, and redefining the terms that were once placed on us to try to keep us small. As powerful women, we are here to support everyone in our community to be the best possible versions of themselves: people like Jessi Camille and I happen to do so in the most Lexual of ways!

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