Finding interest in the open lifestyle is completely normal- it’s something that is idolized in the media, but not always with the right information! I fly solo this episode to talk to newbies and curious people and couples about swinging and open relationships.

Exploration of the open lifestyle doesn’t have to be a mystery, it can be approached in a thoughtful, intentional way. Educators such as myself and many others in the industry can help guide you and your partner on your journey. Just like any other new life event, you can approach with a variety of ways to educate yourself: Classes, books, and even coaching!

Media has classically portrayed the lifestyle or non-monogamy as a novelty; the keys in a bowl, the overly flirty couple, the land of free love and sex. What they don’t show is the essential bullet points needed to have a healthy open dynamic, such as communication, respect, and boundaries. Navigating through asking for what you want, overcoming jealousy, and evolving your capacity to share and love are a few of the qualities that the lifestyle may bring you.

On this episode, we ask all the questions! What does it really mean to be in an open relationship? How can you get started in the swinger lifestyle? What are swingers and sex clubs actually like? What do you do when issues arise in your ethically non-monogamous relationship? I introduce the basics of swinging and what it means for me and others to be identified as open, who the swinging lifestyle is for, and what it’s not.

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I highlights the importance of communication in relationships and how to talk to your partner about swinging and when feelings arise in the lifestyle, including how to cope with jealousy. We cover how to meet other open-minded people, how to attract a unicorn, and what to do if swinging goes wrong. I also answers several of the audience’s Letters to Lexi about open relationships.

If you wish to dip your toes into the non-monogamous lifestyle but lack direction, I am now accepting clients for coaching.

In my coaching sessions, I work with you and understand your unique connection, and customize our coaching session to help guide you.

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