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Mating Season Cover Reveal

April 22, 2020
Mating Season Erotic Short Stories Lexi Sylver Cover

Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual fiends and friends!

I have some very Lexual news… I present to you, Mating Season’s cover reveal!

It’s not every day that an erotica writer puts a photo of their own ass on the cover of their book.

I mean, the nerve of me, right? How dare I?

But I’m #shameless, and so are the erotic stories in Mating Season.

In anticipation of the filthy literature coming your way, I wanted to show you the book cover and give you a preview of the look and feel of Mating Season.⁠

What do you think?⁠ Are you ready to get Lexual with me?⁠

Explore Your Lexuality with Mating Season

My real erotic adventures and darkest fantasies come to life in this provocative collection of erotic short stories. Mating Season lures you into the depths of the obscene as you read my favorite tales of daring group play, sapphic seduction and kinky BDSM. Join a cast of shameless characters on their pursuits to satisfy their decadent appetites for pleasure. Welcome to my playground, where it’s always Mating Season.

Mating Season Erotic Short Stories Lexi Sylver Cover

Excerpt from Mating Season

“Behind the section with realistic sex dolls, a red neon sign flashed with the words “Live Sex Show” and an arrow pointing to a red-curtained area. Deep, sensual music played invitingly, beckoning me closer.

My pulse began to race. I’d heard rumors about these live shows but still wasn’t sure what to expect.

With trembling fingers, I pulled back the red velvet curtain. Behind a pane of glass in the middle of the section of private booths, a gorgeous naked woman was pleasuring herself. Arousal ran through me as my eyes roved over her curvaceous body. Hot pink metal nipple clamps adorned her naturally heavy breasts. Her legs were spread wide, and she was thrusting a bright pink dildo into herself, her blond head thrown back in ecstasy.”

– Excerpt from “The Secret Passage” in Mating Season, Vol. 1 (2020)

Get Your Copy of Mating Season!

My book officially launches on May 1st, 2020!

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Learn more about me, the dirty behind this smut, and get all the details about Mating Season: Erotic Short Stories.

Cover Photography by Fabrice De Bray Indiscreet Arts.


Lexi Sylver

I’m a shameless sexcapader, author of erotic tales, sexual educator of taboo topics and alternative relationships, pleasure toy sexpert, and advocate for sexual freedom. My mission is to empower you to shamelessly explore your Lexuality, stripping away your inhibitions and fears, so that you can freely pursue the fulfilling sex life and relationships you desire — and deserve. As your Lexual guide, I’ll help you map out your own erotic journey by giving you the tools you need to better connect with your own mind and body, communicate your desires and needs with your partners, and thrive in your customized, authentic lifestyle. I’m known for my passionate style and inclusive approach, drawing from my own real-life experiences to educate, entertain, and inspire you, all while helping you discover the realm of infinite erotic possibilities that await you once you open your mind to them. Whether you’re indulging in my erotic short stories, getting sex and relationship coaching from me, joining my webinars and events, reading my articles and blogs, perusing the sex toys in my shop, or listening to my podcasts, I strive to stimulate you to think about your sexuality in a new light — freely and fearlessly. Dare to delve deeper and explore YOUR Lexuality.

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