Happy Masturbation May…. or Maysturbation, as we call it!

Masturbation has long been seen as a taboo in society, a dirty, devious act. But really, what’s the big deal about masturbation? When we do masturbate, why is there more shame and stigma for women who get it on? Do the risks (if any) outweigh the ENORMOUS benefits of learning to touch our own bodies and have a right to them?

SO GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!! It’s good for you!!!

Self pleasure is one of the most innate human functions, so how can we start changing the narrative to make all folks feel empowered in their masturbation? Taking our power back can be found heavily in reclaiming our right to sexuality- and masturbation is a fantastic start. A sexually confident and satisfied person is a powerful one- we can see it clearly. We get clearer on what we want, we set better boundaries, we don’t settle for less.

If we’re masturbating often, we can also fall on the flip side of becoming predictable with ourselves. How do we switch up the same old same old? Add in the spice with ourselves? Adding in toys? Masturbating in new positions? Maybe, adding in anal play? Your body is your playground, Lexual friends.

To bring in a month full of hedonistic excitement, I invited sex educator and sex toy expert Julieta Chiara to discuss all the benefits of masturbation.

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We cover how self-pleasure is often rooted in shame, and how to change your mentality about touching yourself. When you start to own your sexuality, how can you take that power back? Or, “Reclaim Your Power” as Julieta coins it.

Julieta offers tips for people looking to change up their masturbation routine, explore your body and experience more pleasure. She also explains how varying your repertoire can help improve your sex life. We discuss how mutual masturbation can increase the intimacy in your relationship and show your partner what you enjoy. We explore how sex toys can enhance partnered sex and how to communicate with your partner about what feels good and new things you want to try.

Julieta and I also talk about anal stimulation, warming up and how to make anal experiences more comfortable and pleasurable. How do you start out? How do you prep for anal? How does anal stimulation benefit the female body?

Finally, we also answer some question from the audience during Letters to Lexi.

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