Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual fiends and friends!

Last night, Dr. Laurie invited me to join the Kink Panel on her show, Passion, on CJAD 800 AM.

We were also joined by Catherine* of BDSM Circle, and the three of us talked about shame surrounding sexuality and our sexual fantasies. We also got into talking about pegging (how-tos and why it’s popular), the adult baby / diaper fetish and more!

And Laurie, because she’s awesome, TOTALLY pimped out my new book, Mating Season: Erotic Short Stories! I’d sent her an advance copy before the book was published, so she had a chance to read some of my stories… and talked in detail about Trick Shot, the first story in my book.

I also did a giveaway to one lucky listener, JD, who now has an e-book copy of Mating Season to peruse at his leisure (and pleasure)!

Listen to our episode and hear more about getting past feelings of shame so you can explore your Lexuality™, and what Mating Season is about!

Mating Season: Erotic Short Stories


Lexi Sylver Mating Season Erotic Short Stories