Resource list updated July 20, 2023.

My dear Lexual friends,

I’m muting myself on social media this week in an effort to amplify Black voices.

We CAN do better. We HAVE to do better.

Those of us with white privilege can never truly understand how Black folks feel every day as they deal with various forms of microaggressions, overt racism and violence. Let alone the centuries of injustices Black people have endured, and continue to endure, until we pay attention and do something about it.

We have to educate ourselves about systemic racism, and support and listen to Black people as they express themselves about the systems that deprive them of their rights and their humanity.

We must do better to help build a society in which Black people can thrive.

I’m offering my support for any of my friends and/or protesters in need — so DM me if you need me.

Here are some resources that may be helpful:

Keep in mind, it’s not your Black friends’ responsibility and burden to educate you about white privilege and the systemic racism they’ve been dealing with their entire lives. They’re fucking exhausted, and understandably so. Educate yourselves!

Prevail Recovery Center – An excellent guide full of resources for Black LGBTQ+ people.

Find Luxury Rehabs – An abundant collection of mental health and substance use resources for Transgender people.

Summit Wellness Group – Written and curated by Black women, this guide features over 60 resources for BIPOC folks.

Resources for Black WomenExtensive mental health resources including a new guide that features over 50 fully-vetted resources for Black women.

Southeast Addiction Center 2023’s Top 50 resources for Black men who are struggling with substance use and/or their mental health.

Black Men Matter – Examining Mental Health Issues Among Black Men – A Guide To Freedom

Resources for BIPOC ParentsBeing a parent is hard. This guide has been written to support BIPOC parents.

20 Funding Sources for Black-Owned Businesses in 2023 – 20 places where you can seek grants and funding for your business.

Sunshine Behavioral Health: Mental Health Resources for Black People

How You Can Help (donate, support, petitions, and more) via Black Lives Matter

Adult Industry Professionals for Black Lives Matter

Anti-Racism Training

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources

Article: For Our White Friends Desiring To Be Allies by Courtney Ariel

Article: Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do

How The Colonial History of Hypersexualization Obscures the Possibility of Black Asexuality

AVN Announces Changes to Awards to Increase Black Representation

Writing With Color: Description Guide

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

Dismantling Racism

Sex Educators For Black Lives

Here are some places you can donate and/or purchase from Black-owned businesses:

National Police Accountability Project

Reclaim The Block

Mutual Aid Fund for Sex Workers of Color

Atlanta Solidarity Fund

The Marshall Project

FiveFifths, the largest list of black-owned restaurants and online businesses on the internet. 

Support Black-Owned Businesses: 181 Places to Start Online

We Buy Black

Black-owned bookstores in the USA

North Star Health Collective

Black Visions Donations

National Police Accountability Project

This page will be updated as I discover / am recommended new resources. If you know of other helpful resources, organizations to donate to, and Black-owned businesses we can purchase from, PLEASE share them in the comments or email me at