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What’s it like to be in a hotwifing relationship?

Hotwifing and how to be a hotwife are such popular topics on my podcast, I decided to bring it back in this episode to discuss it in more depth!

Hotwifing may be a confusing phenomenon to some: a married woman has sexual freedom to have sex with others and their partners are also into the idea?

For those who aren’t already in a swinging or ethically non-monogamous relationship, it may be difficult to understand how a hotwifing relationship works. Every hotwifing relationship has their own unique, powerful dynamics, just like every relationship is different.

YES, being a hotwife is real… and it’s HOT!

Real-life hotwifing couple and podcasters Brenna and Brian of Front Porch Swingers join me to get personal about their own relationship dynamic and experiences.

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Brenna divulges what it’s like to be a hotwife in their stag-vixen dynamic, and how she and Brian use sexting, photos, audio and videos to maintain their intimacy and spice up their relationship. They build anticipation for each other constantly, making each and everyday an adventure. Brenna sends hot photos or audio of her hotwifing adventures to Brian while he’s working, making him that much more excited to come home and be with her. Sharing sexy moments together, their dynamic is described as an “unconventional way of relationship-building”.

Before exploring a more open dynamic, Brian and Brenna were set up for success by practicing BDSM and kink. Their kinky lifestyle gave them the tools to communicate constantly, effectively, and honestly, which is something the open lifestyle (and any healthy relationship) requires.

So how can we translate this love and dynamic into the current times of social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic? They discuss how folks who are in open relationships can adapt to the current times while respecting social distancing.

Brenna and Brian explore how they personally connect with potential and current lovers to keep it sexy and seductive, even during times of quarantine and self-isolation. Spending more time together has made for deeper connection, planning out date nights and making pleasure a priority. With their play partners, it’s been crucial to keep digital modalities flowing to stay connected! You can still have so much fun from home. Building anticipation, sending photos, and sexting… while we all prefer to date openly, taking time to seduce your potential and current partner(s) are useful, learned skills, especially while we all cope with isolation.

Brian and Brenna explain how they keep it safe when it comes to vetting, meeting and playing with new potential sex partners. They provide tips for other couples who are interested in hotwifing and swinging and other types of ethically non-monogamous relationships.

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