Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual friends!

I recently had the honor of joining 4 amazing, empowered, sex-tech leaders in Hey Mama’s Panel “Strong Vibes: The Business of Female Desire”.

Bringing my expertise in writing erotica and empowering women from all walks of life, it felt powerful to join forces with such inspirational femmes fatales.

“We are breaking the glass ceiling between the sheets with this panel of sex-tech trailblazers who are navigating entrepreneurship as women in a long- stigmatized industry. Topics include speaking up about female desire, the future of porn and whether or not sex still sells — and how much is the right amount right now.” -Hey Mama

Watch the full video here below:

A big thank you to our moderator and boss babe Maureen Pollack for such an effective and exciting conversation. Keep reading to learn more about each panelist!




Lidia Bonilla is a pleasure strategist and product inventor, committed to women having lives full of power, pleasure, and intimacy. Her signature program, the pleasure reset, is a life changing 6 week course where you are guided through a deep dive into your love life.. she also is the founder of House of Plume, an intimate lifestyle brand that provides the discerning consumer with storage options for their pleasure items. She is the co-founder of the Women of Sex Tech, a global organization dedicated to merging sex and technology. She is a highly sought after expert, whose work has been covered by the New York Times, Refinery 29, Forbes and Essence Magazine.


Mia Davis is the Founder & CEI of Tabú, a digital wellness platform and community on a mission to ensure you have fulfilling sex and healthier relationships. Prior to starting the company, Mia earned her BS from Stanford University and pursued a career in UX design at Salesforce.

Due to her personal experiences with sexual trauma and pelvic pain, she was inspired to apply her design background to create meaningful, approachable tools to empower people to take care of the more “Tabú” aspects of their overall wellbeing. Mia is constantly thinking of new ways to democratize comprehensive sex, relationship, and mental health education for the masses and make it easier for all of us to advocate for ourselves in the bedroom and beyond!


Emily is a spritely entrepreneur who has always been passionate about creating catalysts that spark human connection. While developing Ohnut (an intimate wearable designed to help women and couples who experience deep dyspareunia) she co-founded the lady bits league, founded the pain perception project, and is now launching pelvic gym to connect people and professionals from all over the sexual and pelvic health world, through education and story. Emily has redefined her life as a proud entrepreneur, maker, community leader, and sexual health advocate.


Maureen is CEO of Mojo Enterprise and the inventor of the WaterSlyde™, a revolutionary, patented feminine hygiene device and simulator. She’s also a co-owner of Lovability Inc., a women-owned lifestyle platform that empowers girls and women to take control of their sexual health and wellness. Maureen believes in removing the stigma around sexual pleasure and personal hygiene, advocating for every woman’s right to feel comfortable and confident in all aspects of her life. As an entrepreneur and innovator, Maureen strives to support women in all stages of their lives to embrace self-love and intimacy through coaching and body safe products.

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