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Ethics and Empowerment in the Adult Industry

June 23, 2020
Ethics and Empowerment Pornography Adult Industry Lexi Sylver

Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual fiends and friends!

What do you actually know about the porn industry? While many of us involved in the adult space have the education to source ethical porn, that isn’t the typical.

Porn, like many other industries, has it’s injustices such as racism, unfair pay, and a stark dismissal of women. Female pleasure in male-oriented porn is like a unicorn: very hard to find and often seen as an illusive, mythical act. The majority of porn, with the exception of “feminist” porn or “female-focused” porn, is centered around the male gaze, mainly focusing on male pleasure. Often, this is one of many reasons why so many women watch lesbian porn: it’s female-focused, pleasure-centered, and empowering… not to mention, HOT!

Pornography is rife with racial stereotypes and discrimination, from hiring practices, the ways in which performers of Color are paid versus white performers, the lack of BIPOC behind the camera and working on the production side, the ways in which BIPOC are cast in such stereotypical rules, the ways in which portrayals of Black male hypersexuality and the subjugation of Black female performers continue to be perpetuated, the categories in porn awards, and much more.

A LOT has to change when it comes to mainstream pornography. We have to make some serious changes from the top down and work to eliminate these stereotypes.

So, how can the adult entertainment industry evolve to empower women across the board, as well as to get rid of racial stereotypes in casting and performances, and everywhere else? How can we make films, performances, and scenarios where women are on top of the game and that People of Color aren’t fetishized and are treated ethically within the industry?

If you want to delve more deeply into how pornography can become more ethical and driven towards female pleasure, join me today with award-winning adult film stars and producers Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire, co-owners of Royal Fetish Films, here to share the insights and experiences they’ve acquired after over 20 years in the industry.

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Jasmine and King Noire are going to challenge what we think we know about porn, and what they’re doing differently to help steer the conversation about female sexuality in a more positive and empowering direction. How have you viewed porn traditionally? How were women depicted in scenes, the types of scenes they were in? How was their pleasure shown?

We cover important issues like combating sexism, racism and other stereotypes within the porn industry, and what it means to create ethical porn. These tough topics can be seen everywhere in porn, such as the animalistic portrayal of Black men, categories such as “interracial”, ebony, BBC and Black or POC women being treated as less than human. Often, Black and POC performers are paid less than their white co-workers, with white coworkers being paid more to perform with someone for “interracial” scenes. This divide in porn contributes more to the dangerous racism that exists today.

We talk about how good porn can help create positive change within society about the importance of celebrating female pleasure, and the beauty of the female body and Black bodies, and how they are not fetish objects. Porn, like many films, can influence the way we act in our day to day interactions. When we see our pleasure honored and depicted accurately, viewers can better take that information outside of porn and practice it.

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