If you enjoy sexting, learning to writing an erotic story is just a few steps away!

Writing erotica is the perfect way to express your Lexuality and creativity, and it’s also a safe way to explore your kinks and fantasies.

As an erotica author, I continue to discover new things about my sexuality with each story I write. Although I mostly write for my own pleasure, I also enjoy writing ultra-short stories for some of my lovers. In them, I detail a new scenario I want to try, and give just enough detail to get them hot and bothered.

Erotica is a totally underrated way to seduce someone and to keep things spicy in your relationship(s). Showing them your creative side can be a big turn-on, especially when the fantasy centers around them!

Here are a few tips to help you write an erotic story, whether just for yourself or for your lover.

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