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How can reading and writing erotic stories help you seduce your partner? Left and right from most mainstream media sources, we’re bombarded with ways we can seduce and pleasure our partners. We hear it all from touch, gifts, dates, toys, all the trinkets… but what about their brains?

How are we seducing the number one sex organ that happens to be in your head? That’s right, being turned on requires our mind to be engaged, and erotic stories are a way to evoke that kind of intense intellectual and erotic stimulation simultaneously.

If you’ve ever had a “wet dream” (AKA nocturnal emission) or climaxed whilst asleep, then congrats, your powerful mind has enabled you to experience pleasure without physical contact. Incredible, right?!

Erotic writing can be a driving force in creating new forms of seduction between you and your partners, and it can also be a tool of sexual exploration.

What are some of the fantasies you want to explore? If you’ve read my collection of erotic short stories, Mating Season, you know that stories are powerful ways to explore your Lexuality™, whether you’re just reading them or writing carnal tales of your own.

Erotica author Casey Carter joins me in this new podcast episode to share our advice for creating erotic literature and the benefits of getting creative to communicate what you want sexually to your partner.

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As erotica authors, Casey and I are thrilled to share some tips and tricks to creating your own erotic works. We candidly discuss how we formulate our characters, and how they may represent parts of our personality and our lives. We talk about how we write sexy characters and scenarios to entice, stimulate and inspire others to explore their sexuality, kinks and fetishes without shame.

How do the characters in our stories relate to our own personal lives? How can these characters inspire us and others to try something sexy and new? How can we play out different parts of ourselves through these characters, giving us a safe space to explore our Lexuality? With erotica, anything is possible!

Casey and I also talk about our upcoming event, Cocktails and Erotic Tales, what it’s like to do live storytelling sessions for our fans. An up-close and personal experience, there’s nothing more passionate than hearing erotica being read by its author.

Be sure to stay up to date on all my events, especially my monthly edition of Cocktails & Erotic Tales!

To cap off this episode with Casey, we provide tips and advice to creating and sharing erotica with your lovers. How will you make your erotica a regular part of connection and sex?

Find out more when you listen to our hot podcast episode tonight at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST on Voice America’s Variety channel!

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