As the pandemic has become our new reality, we are approaching the reopening of the world and our communities carefully. Dining outdoors, social distancing, and enjoying events from a distance… but what about sex clubs?

My latest article for Pornhub, Pandemic Playtime gives you all the tips you need to stay safe & sexy while releasing this pent up sexual energy!

Read my excerpt below for some of my sexpert advice!

Photo via Pornhub

Can you play and keep coronavirus at bay?

With establishments reopening, including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, sex clubs, it’s tempting to get out into the world again and resume our “normal” lives…including releasing all the sexual frustration you’ve been building these last few months during social isolation.


Before you go out there and live your best—and sexiest—life, remember that just because places have reopened, it doesn’t mean COVID-19 has disappeared.

So, how can we safely navigate sex and dating in our new reality and ongoing coronavirus pandemic?”