Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual fiends and friends.

A close friend, colleague, and non-monogamous expert: it’s an honor to be on Kitty Chambliss’s Podcast, Loving Without Boundaries!

Kitty and I explored my evolution from monogamy into consensual non-monogamy, and what my exploration looks like today.

We also talked all about my erotic stories and Mating Season, and how most of my stories are based on, or inspired by, my real-life sexcapades! We also delve into how I create my characters by infusing details from the people in my life (and you know, my past lovers, of course!).

Kitty and I covered my beginnings in writing erotica, and how I use sexting to explore my Lexuality… and to inspire others to write their own to share their own Lexual sexperiences. She quoted me saying how I’m “changing the world one pervert at a time!”

We discussed why I chose to put my own ass on the cover of my first book, and how empowering it is for me to have a photo of myself front and center of Mating Season.

I revealed my favorite story from Mating Season (to write and to read), and what the future of my writing sexploits look like.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did. Thank you Kitty for the wonderful session together!