Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual fiends and friends.

Reunited with the amazing Ashley Manta (aka The Cannasexual), I had the pleasure of being on her podcast: Elevated Intimacy!

We dive deep into my history with erotica and dirty talk, including some personal experiences and how I first started exploring my Lexuality.

Ashley and I talk about how erotica can help us explore fantasies safely, and what inspired myself and many others to get into erotica. We offer tips to incorporate erotic stories into your sexual repertoire to spice up your relationships. Will the erotic story you write be something private for your eyes only, or something you want to share with your partner and/or the world?

I discuss how talking dirty can be a thrill, whether you’re exploring new sexual scenarios with your partner(s) or as a form of play? A multi-sensory experience, dirty talk can add a different element of stimulation to create a new journey for yourself and partner(s).

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