Mother’s Day should actually be called Superwomen’s Day. Who’s with me on that?!

Let’s recognize how amazing our mamas and the strong women in our lives are, who have had a role in shaping who we are today. The mothers in our lives are heroes who all too often go unrecognized. They encourage us, hold us when we cry, inspire us, and do the absolute most they can to support our vision for the future.

If you’re a mother in this busy, crazy world, you no doubt carry the heavy responsibility of juggling life and parenthood, and for many, a career and/or business too. Every day is riddled with trials and tribulations as you seek balance and sanity, all while giving so much love and energy to your family.

We shouldn’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to give back to all our sexy, beautiful and amazing mamas!

If you’re looking for a gift to show your love and appreciation for your Mom, for yourself, and for any other special mother in your life, check out my gift ideas that will let any mama get the luxurious relaxation and pleasure she so needs and deserves.

Massage All the Right Places

Massagers are a mom’s best friend, and are some of the most versatile toys. The Le Wand Massager is the perfect wand vibrator to help kill your stress, and knead those sore and aching spots anywhere on her body, from her neck, shoulders and back to the hotspots between her thighs.

Whether having a massager that hits all the right places will inspire her to set aside a few minutes for a midday orgasm, or help her wind down at night with a relaxing neck massage, your mama will be in heaven!

Easy to use, this wand vibe is for everyone considering its ergonomic design & multitude of speeds and settings for all tastes and needs.

Lube: the Gift That Keeps On Giving

A nutrient-packed, water-based lubricant can be the perfect gift for any mama. Lubes can be used daily as a moisturizer, on top of being used for more comfortable and fulfilling sex. You can even use lube on frizzy hair! Just sprinkle a drop onto your hand, rub together, and tame those flyaways.

A little bit of lube goes a long way and can enhance any sexual experience. I recommend Intimate Earth Defense as a fantastic lube to combine with any toy, like the Le Wand massager (mentioned above), as well as products like kegel balls. This lube is made with certified organic extracts, using a formula that’s made to work with the body and not disrupt healthy microflora that you need to maintain the very delicate balance within your vagina. It also blends naturally with your vaginal fluids, isn’t sticky, is latex-friendly and compatible with the materials of any sex toy.

Erotic Tales to Seduce Her into a Lexual Fantasy World

Help your mama or yourself dive into a seductive universe of self-indulgence and pure erotic hedonism! My book of erotic short stories, Mating Season is a perfect gift for any occasion, to spice up your life day or night, and to help create an ultimate self-care experience (especially when coupled with one or more self-pleasure toys).

Mix it Up and Communicate

Give the gift of being direct with my “Fuck Me, Fuck You” Blindfold so your mama can flip it to the side she prefers to communicate exactly what she wants and needs to her partner.

These blindfolds are not only a fun way to switch things up in the bedroom, but also a cheeky way to say what she means without saying a word. And once the action is over, she can slip this over her eyes to take a much-deserved nap.

Since Mom always do everything for everybody else, it’s about time she lies back and relaxes, don’t you think?

Strength and Pleasure Combined

We’ve all heard moms joke about how they pee a little bit when they laugh. It happens all too often! As we get older, and especially after experiencing childbirth, our pelvic floor muscles (PC muscles) might weaken and create some urinary incontinence.

Many gynos and physios recommend exercises to help strengthen our PC muscles and decrease urinary incontinence.

I’ve gifted these We-Vibe Bloom Kegel Balls to every friend of mine who’s become a Mom (mine included) because they can all benefit from them. Not only can you adjust the weight of these kegel balls (heavier as you gain experience with them), you can also choose to make these kegel balls vibrate as you play with the intensity and combinations of sensations. Plus, you give control of the vibrations to your partner via the We-Connect app to add even more pleasure and excitement to your kegel exercise routine.

And as an added bonus, strong pelvic floor muscles can also contribute to stronger, more powerful orgasms!

A Glass of Wine Self-Care

Self-care is a necessity in this world. Why not do it the Lexual way?

These Wine-Scented Bath Bombs will not only help mama take a deep dive into relaxation in a nice, hot bath, but are also sweetly scented with her favorite wine fragrances.

Combine these bath bombs with my erotic short stories book, Mating Season, and a waterproof sex toy for the ultimate (and sensual) bath experience anytime.

Sensual Lingerie: Finding Her Perfect Fit

Lexi Sylver Now That's Lingerie

Now That’s Lingerie is a female-run company, founded by Celine The Bra Doctor®, who’s also a Mom, and who knows just how important it is to feel comfortable and confident in your skin, no matter what size you are.

Every mom in your life (and you, too) deserve to wear something beautiful, feminine, and sexy to slip into, whether it’s something extravagant and luxurious, a simple cozy slip or PJ for sleeping in, or a new bra that actually fits her perfectly, there’s something for everybody (and every body) at Now That’s Lingerie!

If you don’t know what to get her or need help finding her size, get her an NTL gift card and have her connect with Celine The Bra Doctor® for personalized bra and lingerie fitting advice and recommendations.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year? Share with us in the comments!