Ready to slip and slide, my Lexual fiends? I am!

Lube has always been one of those mysterious and under-discussed topics of sex. I mean, they didn’t teach us about this in school, did they? When topics in sex go undiscussed, they become secretive and even taboo, and so it’s easier for misconceptions and myths to arise (which then go unrefuted, because of the lack of info and unwillingness to talk openly about them!).

I’m going to Lexually break down the 4 biggest myths about lube, and give you tips on living your slipperiest, most Lexual and pleasurable sex life.

Myth #1: If you can’t get wet naturally, you’re not into it.

Ahem… WRONG. Lubricant is commonly used for those who may have vaginal dryness. The thing is, vaginal dryness or lubrication is not always synonymous with being turned on.

Natural lubrication is dependent on (and sensitive to) many physical and psychological factors. These can be things like your hormone balances, time of your menstrual cycle, your diet, your stress levels, your mood, any medication you might be taking, and your hydration levels. That’s right — if you drink too much alcohol, you can dehydrate and have trouble self-lubricating.

Not to fear! Lube is here, no matter what fluids your body can produce on its own.

Myth #2: Lube is only for older people.

Intimate Earth Defense water-based organic lubricant | Lexi Sylver
Intimate Earth Defense is a water-based organic lubricant for all kinds of sex.

Again, this is a huge fallacy.

Lube is good (and recommended) for sexually active folks of ALL ages, whether the your sexual playtime is partnered or solo.

We tend to pair age with sexual decline, and that’s a common myth, too. Some of the sexiest MILFs I know are human water-fountains, while some of my younger friends may need lube every single time.

Even if our lubrication is good on its own, we can (and should!) still add more lube. As mentioned above, there are many factors that would entail needing lubricant at any stage in life.

Even if you don’t feel you need lube, try adding a little Lextra! Lubricant will only help to enhance whatever type of sexual experience and sensations you’re already enjoying.

One of my faves is a water-based and organic lubricant: Intimate Earth Defense.

Myth #3: I don’t need lube if I get wet naturally.

The point of lubricant is not only to “get wet”, but also to protect our genitals from injury, whether that be from penetration, friction, etc. Even if you can drip on your own, that doesn’t mean you don’t need lube. Especially if you’re into rough sex, sex toys, anal sex, etc… Lube is your best friend!

The extra glide that lube provides not only protects you physically, but keeps you humping and bumping for the long haul, my Lexual fiends… which means longer-lasting sex that’s pleasurable for everyone!

**This is a gentle reminder that your rectum DOES NOT produce natural lubrication and is the most at risk for tears, micro-tears, and abrasions from play and penetration. When it comes to anal play and anal sex, using lube is NON-NEGOTIABLE. I promise you, spit is not good enough for this. Don’t compromise. Use lube each and every time you do butt stuff!

Especially if you’re into rough sex, sex toys, anal sex, etc… Lube is your best friend!

Myth #4: Lube is sticky and gross.

You’re right — some lube IS sticky and gross! That sticky, icky feeling usually comes from buying low-quality lubricants that are typically made with a heavy base of glycerin, which is a form of sugar. Not only does this make lube feel tacky and smell funny against your skin, but it’s also irritating to your vaginal pH. Sugars in and around the vagina can trigger yeast infections, since yeast thrives off sugars. It can also trigger a myriad of irritation, which is the last thing you want during or after sex. Ugh!

Migliori silicone lube | Shop lubricants at Lexi
Migliori silicone lube is top-notch and perfect for any kind of sex — and also works as a moisturizer!

For this reason (and all the others I mentioned here), it’s important to get lubricants with quality, body-safe ingredients that are free from glycerins and harmful chemicals. My shop carries Intimate Earth Defense (water-based) & Migliori (silicone-based) because I can fully vouch for their quality in the bottle, and on your body. Both these lubricants feel silky fuckin’ smooth, leave no residue, and actually leave your skin incredibly soft. Consider using them as daily moisturizers not only for your genitals, but for dry spots around your body.

Bye bye, myths. Hello, pleasure!

Now that we’ve debunked these old-time myths, I urge you to add a few pumps of lube into your next partnered or solo session. Enjoy the feel, add more if you need it, and report back your results via my IG or Twitter!
Until next time, Stay Lexual, my friends and fiends.

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