Happy HELL-O-Ween, Lexual friends and ghouls!

In the spirit of Hallow’s Eve, I bring you a sinful sex position to treat yourself (and your partner): The Hellraiser!

What it is

Erotic lap dance meets reverse cowgirl, with a devilish twist.

How to do it

This move is best done when your partner is in a sitting position.  Straddle their lap backwards with your thighs pressed together and between their open legs.  (You may want to wear heels or grip onto a chair or table in front of you to gain some height – test it out.)  Swivel your hips in slow, concentric circles as you move up and down the shaft of their dick / strap-on, all the way down and then back up again until only the head of their dick is inside you.  (You can do this for a long time before any penetration happens, to amplify the tease.)

As you increase your speed and intensity, slowly spread your thighs further apart, always moving your hips up and down in a continuously circular motion, much like a tornado.  Alternate your stance by spreading your legs and bringing them back together. The tightness of your thighs close together will add stimulation to your clit, your lips and your partner’s dick.

Why it’s hot

Your partner gets to sit back and watch you torment them with your delectable pelvic movements as your derrière bounces in their face.  The change in movement from your basic up/down motions will stimulate both of you much differently, since you will feel their dick hitting your G-spot while treating them to a cyclonic ride.  Your partner’s hands will be free to do their own dirty work, rubbing your clit and playing with your nipples and breasts. Everyone wins, and the slow, passionate build-up will make for a feverish climax on both ends.

Bonus for you: Sexercise! This is one of the best thigh and ass exercises you’ll ever do. Especially if you’re wearing heels while you’re riding your partner…

Bonus for both of you: I confess, this is one of my go-to positions during hockey and football seasons, because I can enjoy the pleasure while my partner and I watch sports simultaneously. What can I say? I’m a multi-tasker.

How to kink it up

Start with a lap dance!

If you want to really take control, tie your partner’s hands behind them, and prop up a mirror (if possible) in front of you so you can both see from different angles.  To maximize their pleasure, wrap your hand around the base of their shaft, squeezing slightly and turning in the opposite direction as your hips when you slide upwards on them.  Try tugging gently on their package, then move your fingers behind them to rub their perineum in small circles.  (Not everyone is into this, so make sure your partner is okay with this before you get too into it.)

This is also a great position for anal sex.

You can get your partner to play with your ass at the same time, using lubed-up fingers, a vibrator or a butt plug, and then you can incorporate their dick or strap-on dildo if you’re looking for deeper penetration.

And add some kinky bonus points if your partner’s hands are tied up… 😉

Let your devilish self loose, and keep the fire burning, baby!

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