Have you ever wondered WTF to do when your relationship goes wrong? Because they often do.

Often, relationship issues stem from a lack of clear and honest communication with your partner, as well as getting trapped in a toxic cycle of having the same arguments over and over without resolution.

Good news: I have a relationship hack for you that will help you unlock the secrets to a thriving relationship.

WTF To Do When Your Relationship Goes Wrong Hack

As a sex, relationship, and lifestyle coach, I love when I am able to coach couples through challenges in their relationship to help them come out on the other side more connected and thriving. No matter what relationship you’re in, there’s bound to be challenges at some point. The key to working through these is self-awareness and communication. As a couple, you have to work through the problem TOGETHER, on the same team, instead of going at each other’s throats. In order to have a healthy relationship, you have to be aware of YOUR needs and desires and communicate them to your partner.

I was recently honored to have my hack for WTF to do when your relationship goes wrong featured on the Uptime App. You can check out the full hack on Uptime.

WTF to do when your relationship goes wrong

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Whether you’re in a committed relationship, are exploring the open lifestyle, or don’t have a clue where the fuck to go from here, I’m here to help you move past fear and shame, step into greater self-awareness of what YOU want, explore your Lexuality, and find the pleasure you deserve and desire.

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