Season 4 of my Swinging 101 webinar series is here and juicier than ever!

Sexy Summer begins mid July with a lineup of Lexual content!

While my series IS called Swinging 101, the truth is it’s also open for folks who are… well, open, or open to being open!

Whether you’re curious about open relationships in general, or you’ve begun exploring ethical non-monogamy solo or with your partner, this series is for you. 

Even if you’ve already had some Lexual experiences in the open lifestyle (whether “swinging” defines your experiences or not) there’s a lot left for you to learn! I’m here to share a fuckton of advice for making each and every experience as pleasurable and exciting as possible for everyone involved… and how to manage the fallout in case your experiences didn’t go quite as you’d hoped or expected.

Each webinar will also have a Q&A segment at the end, and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

Plus, if you miss the webinar or just want a refresher later, your ticket includes access to the video replay.

Check out my Swinging 101 live webinar series lineup for Season 4 below!

swinging 101 season 4

Can’t wait to kick off the new season of Swinging and Explore Your Lexuality™ with you!

Until next time, Stay Lexual, my friends,


swinging 101 season four with lexi sylver